I’m So Tired– of social media



I’m so tired…

But not in the way you’d expect as a new mother of two. 

I’m sleeping great, actually because the universe sent me the world’s most angelic baby and I’m still thanking god for that . 

Lately, I’ve been tired of scrolling. Though my social media addiction, like many other people I know, keeps my thumb swiping up.

I’m so jealous of the mothers that got to raise children before social media. Of the people that built homes and marriages and a wardrobe without a constant reel of bullsh** at their fingertips. A time where having a home was enough and it didn’t need to be magazine worthy. A time where you could repeat an outfit as many times as you wanted because it wasn’t photographed and posted publicly. Now, can we still live this way? Of COURSE! But it’s SO HARD to ignore the highlight reel that is social media. I’m just really really TIRED of it.


 I’ve been reflecting on my life and thinking I got lucky. I really do have a great marriage, I love our home, my children are healthy. But as I scroll my mind wanders away from that— my husband isn’t making me a “boo-basket,” my house isn’t big enough or modern enough, and my children’s clothes aren’t always Instagram worthy. 


I was chatting with a friend who feels the same and she said “I really have to check myself sometimes.” As we both know of so many people whose marriages are falling apart, but post perfect family photos. Whose children are well dressed but we know their parents don’t spend much time with them. I mean– why are we in the mindset of making everyone THINK things are just picture perfect all the time. As if life isn’t hard enough on its own, we face demon of comparison one *double tap* at a time.


While entirely aware of Instagram being the highlight reel of everyone else’s life, it’s also the highlight reel of MINE. 

So here’s a few real and raw things I don’t post about because, well, I’ve fallen into the trap of creating a false reality online. 

  • My husband and I often feel like roommates and need to remind ourselves to prioritize our relationship with each other. 
  • My house hasn’t been painted since the day we moved in– five years ago
  • I don’t make my bed regularly and there’s just laundry everywhere 
  • Today my 2.5 year old shouted as loud as he could in the front yard “MOTHER FU**ER” (and while he didn’t see me laugh – you bet I did).

Any of these sound familiar? I hope at least one feels similar to something your reality looks like because this is REAL life. And it’s not always perfect — and it shouldn’t be.

I started a business based around my need for social interaction with other like-minded moms, and with the passion I have for little kids and education. I’m lucky enough to have met so many moms that can laugh about my kid screaming curse words in public, and I look forward to meeting many more! I may have the education and experience to teach your children and empower you with knowledge BUT,


And I’m certainly NOT in the business of making you feel like your parenting isn’t enough. In fact, as they say, if you’re worried about being a good parent you already are one! So give yourself a high five.


To be honest some of my favorite memories of my son thus far are ones where he was absolutely not listening to me or being wildly inappropriate. I hardly find myself reminiscing about the time my toddler listened SO WELL when I told him it’s bedtime, or finished his grilled vegetables. BUT— running away from me down the block while looking over his shoulder like he just broke free from a jail cell– now that’s some funny content. 


So can we break the darn internet? Share with me something REAL about your life– how many loads of laundry are you behind on? What embarrassing and inappropriate thing has your toddler done this week? Comment below or join me in Speonk for classes and open play and we can chat even more! Lets normalize NORMAL life again.

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