Our Classes

Tiny MOvers: 

Children Ages 18 months to 4 years 

Little ones aged 18 months to 4 years embark on an exciting journey of movement and discovery! In this dynamic class, children engage in playful activities designed to enhance coordination, balance, and creativity. With the use of colorful props, fun obstacles, and interactive games, our Tiny Movers joyfully explore their physical abilities while developing important motor skills. Alongside the movement, we gently introduce simple breathing exercises, teaching our young adventurers the basics of mindfulness and relaxation. Come join the fun as we twirl, hop, and stretch our way through a world of imagination and motion


Kids YOga: 4-10yrs

Kids ages 4 to 10 years old– we reccomend smaller age groups

Welcome to our magical kids yoga class! Led by certified school teachers, each session is an adventure through storytelling and movement. As we embark on a journey through enchanted forests, undersea kingdoms, and outer space, children will stretch, breathe, and playfully explore yoga poses inspired by the characters and themes of the stories. With imaginative storytelling and gentle guidance, our teachers create a nurturing environment where kids can develop mindfulness, strength, and flexibility while having heaps of fun!

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Baby Music: 

Babies Ages 3 months to 18 months

Welcome to our Baby Music Class, where little ones and caregivers come together for a harmonious adventure! Through instrument exploration, sing-alongs, and singing stories, babies discover the joy of music while bonding with their caregivers. Join us for a heartwarming journey of melody and rhythm, sparking smiles and wonder in every beat

TOddler Music: 

Toddlers Ages 12 months to 36 months

Welcome to our Toddler Music Class! Join us for a delightful musical journey designed specifically for your little one. In our class, toddlers will explore the wonderful world of music through interactive activities such as playing instruments, moving to rhythmical beats, engaging in movement songs, and singing along to catchy tunes. Through playful exploration, children will develop their sense of rhythm, coordination, and musicality while having loads of fun! Come join us and watch your child’s love for music blossom!


Kids Music: 

Childrem Ages 3  years to 6 years

Welcome to our Kids Music Class, where the joy of music comes alive in a vibrant community of young musicians! In this lively and interactive class, children will join their peers in exploring the wonders of music through a variety of engaging activities. From playing instruments to dancing to rhythmical beats, from singing along to movement songs to discovering their own unique sense of rhythm and melody, our class is a fun-filled adventure in musical discovery. Join us and watch as your child not only learns about music but also builds friendships and creates lasting memories with other budding musicians!



SensOry Class

Children Ages Ages 1 years to 5 yrs

Welcome to our Children’s Sensory Exploration Class! Designed for ages 1 to 5, our messy, hands-on adventures celebrate the upcoming seasons and holidays. From squishy pumpkins to sparkling snow, kids dive into themed sensory activities, exploring textures, colors, and more. Get ready for messy fun and unforgettable sensory experiences that ignite curiosity and creativity!

“Best thing to happen to east end mamas and babies! As a working mom it is hard to find classes that are on weekends. It is so fun to get to spend this dedicated on one time with my girl. Spending time face to face in the music classes, playing and interacting with other babies, and watching her develop more interests in the sensory classes is something we will cherish forever!” 

-Jackie S.

“I love bringing my 6 month old to this class! She loves socializing with the other babies, and Christie keeps it exciting with new activities for them to enjoy. I love that as my daughter grows she can continue to participate in different ways, all aspects of the class are really adaptable for babies of all ages!”

-Emma J.

Come learn and play with your baby and other families with a similarly aged child! Participate in music and sensory activities that are familiar and new to you and your baby! Age range overlaps with Toddler music so parents can choose which class best suits their childs interests.

Explore different textures and engage with other similarly aged children with some group and some station activities. Prepare for potential mess and a ton of learning!




Connect and bond in a playful and healthy way with your growing child. We will practice partner movement, which is a great way to build confident, and regulate social emotional skills, and improve communication. This 45 minute class will have you feeling healthy, relaxed, and you’ll get some good laughs in too!

Kids Music

High energy music and movement for kids ages 3-6. Follow musical directions, explore different ways to use instruments, Have fun with other children of similar ages! Parent participation not required.

what people are saying about Happy feet

“My son and I love everything about Happy Feet Suffolk! The music, movement, and sensory activities are engaging and fun. So happy there is finally a mommy and me on the east end!”

-Emily E.

“Happy feet is the best mommy and me class! Christie is super attentive to all the kids and parents and always planning something new for the babies!! I love being able to take my little guy out and social with other babies in such a welcoming atmosphere. So happy Christie began this class!”

-Emily S.

“Happy feet is so much FUN! Christie does such an awesome job planning out the activities and music for the class. It’s such a fun class to do with your little and enjoy together. Each time we’ve done something different and I get to take home new ideas to do at home. It’s been hard to find mommy and me classes and this class is everything I’ve been looking for as a new mama. Seeing the other children and my own grow in the class is another fun bonus!”

-Adina M.