Hey there & Welcome to the Happy Mom blog. I’m Christie, Mom to two beautiful boys and owner of Long Island based Children’s programs and play space Happy Feet Suffolk. Don’t let the name of this blog fool you, I won’t be sugar coating anything motherhood, as we all know it isn’t happy all the time. I’m here to share some of my teaching knowledge, opinions, experiences as a mom and teacher, and products that make mom-ing easier and childhood more magical. Through what I share, I hope you find some useful information, personal stories that make you laugh and connect us to one another, and ideas that help you find more Happy in your motherhood journey. Please always comment with honest opinions and experiences as well. I’m excited to connect with you all

“better” Packaged Kids Snacks

“Better” packaged Kids snacks BY CHRISTIE ANDREASSIHAPPY FEET SUFFOLK–THE HAPPY MOM BLOG It’s back to school season and we’ve prepped our pantry with some back

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We Kill Spiders

WE KILL SPIDERS BY CHRISTIE ANDREASSI I’m aware this may be controversial, but heres my take. We kill spiders in my house— and lots of

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Promote Literacy– without reading

PROMOTE LITERACY–WITHOUT READING By Christie Andreassi Facebook Twitter LinkedIn There’s SO much pressure to be everything to your child, especially in those first few years.

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