“better” Packaged Kids Snacks

"Better" packaged Kids snacks


It’s back to school season and we’ve prepped our pantry with some back to school snacks that as a mom, I feel “better” about. I say that lightly because I’m no health expert and I am certainly not above bribing my kid with a Lollipop, but when I can read the ingredients in their entirety or the word “spinach” is listed as an ingredient in a cookie– well, it makes me feel “better” about feeding it to my kid.  The snack shelf in my pantry below…

EVERYTHING By MadeGood: We particularly like the granola minis, soft baked cookies, and blueberry breakfast bars! But we have also had their chocolate chip granola bars, rice treats, and star puffed crackers. These all have veggie extracts in them. And if you’re telling me my kid can eat some spinach and broccoli extracts while eating a cookie, well, I can get on board with that! These can be found at Target, and occasionally Costco stocks the granola minis. But for convenience I’ve linked them on amazon because you just can’t beat the convenience!

BEAR Real fruit snacks: I can remember eating fruit snacks several packs at a time as a kid, and never feeling full, but just wanting more. While these are nowhere near as tasty, I introduced these to my son before a real fruit snack and he loves them! The best part– it’s LITERALLY just fruit. I’m not above giving my kid junk food. In fact, we often bribe with lollipops around here. But,  on the regular I try to provide “better” options.

THATS IT Fruit Bars: I found these at Costco and again it’s literally JUST FRUIT. So if my son wants to eat three of them, go for it buddy. I have yet to try them but I just found out they make a crunchy fruit snack too! Looking forward to giving those a try.

Annies Crunchy Snacks: This probably is nothing new to you! While definitely more mainstreamed than some of the options above, it has the organic label, so to me, that’s “better” than some of the market equivalents of these types of snacks! This Bulk option on amazon is a great price! But I also recently scored this same box as Costco for a little less.

Jacksons Sweet Potato Chips: I just scored these as another Costco find, but they’re about the same price on Amazon, so if you’re not a member, don’t sweat it! These crunchy delights are just sweet potato, avocado and sea salt.

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