Can you believe the summer is coming to an end? It’s almost time for Back To School shopping, to pack up those backpacks and lunch bags and embark on another year of learning. With all the excitement Back To School can bring, it also brings lots of complex emotions. Some children may fear the unknown, the separation from parents, riding the school bus, or even anxiety of returning to a new teacher, friends, etc. What’s the best way to prepare children for all they may be processing as they head Back To School? READING of course. Check out these favorite Back to School reads to put on your book shelf before that first day of the new school year. Linked below are my top five favorites, you can purchase them all for about $44, and enjoy them for every back to school season, or just a few and add to your collection each year

The Pigeon Has to Go to School: This is such a fun story that helps sort through some of the unknowns and fears that may come with going to school. Read this one out loud to your child and give the Pigeon a silly, playful voice. Help the Pigeon talk through his fears of going to school. Notice how his feelings change after he sorts through all his emotions, and how he goes from being fearful to excited. A great way to model working through emotions as your child heads back to school. Linked here

The Crayons Go Back to School: Get excited with the crayons for all the great things back to school brings! Like reconnecting with old friends, making new friends, learning all the major subjects, and even MAKING A MESS during art with the crayon characters. The crayons share the things that excite them about heading back to school. Linked here

Time For School, Little Blue Truck: Little blue truck is feeling jealous of the school bus, but he finds he is needed when piggy misses the bus and needs a ride! Little Blue perseveres through the woods, water, and bumpy road to get piggy to school on time. What great lessons to reinforce as your child heads back to school! Help others when you can, persevere when things get tough, and take pride in your accomplishments! Linked here

Pete the Cat Rocking in My School Shoes: The school building has SO many places within it, each one can bring new excitement and/or hesitation when children head back to school. Pete makes each part of the school fun by singing about them in his new school shoes! If you’re getting new sneakers for back to school, have your child wear them as you read and sing the song with Pete. At school, as they head to lunch, art, or the playground, they’ll remember singing with you and hopefully are more excited than nervous. Linked here

“The Night Before___”: These books are so specia
l as they tailor to each grade level and the new things back to school may bring. The Night Before Preschool talks about the different parts of the day and the feelings they may experience as the day moves along. I especially like how it talks about using the bathroom and naptime, which are vulnerable times of the day for a little one just starting their school experience. The Night Before Kindergarten also takes kids through what that first day may look like, but also points out the differences they can expect as they move from preschool to Kindergarten. It even talks about how the grown ups may be sad to say goodbye too, but that Kindergarten is full of fun and adventure.

We love book rotations in our house, so we will keep these ones out for September Back to school season and then swap them out for some fall and Halloween themed books! Each year, when we bring out old books, they feel new again! Don’t forget to share your thoughts and experiences on our back to school book recommendations

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